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The Power Games Of Infidelity


The intent of this webinar series is to equip those affected by infidelity directly or indirectly to manage the mental and emotional impact. It also raises awareness of the consequences of the act, which not only breaks down moral norms but also has a spiritual and generational impact. The webinar provides the domino effect of the cycle including building oneself again after the event. The series contains seven chapters and each chapter is one and half hour long, half an hour to answer or discuss questions or matters arising during the webinar. Chapters covered are as follows:


1) The Cheating Tease

2) Inside the Cheater's Mind and Destruction Strategy

3) Characters and Shadows of the Cheating Spirit

4) Dangers and Burdens of the Unwilling Sacrifice

5) Journey to Rescue

6) The Infidelity Lot Is On You

7) Do Not Let It Cheat You!


In support of the webinar, follow-up sessions for special events, open dialogues, coaching, counselling are available.


To arrange for special sessions or events , you can contact us through our website

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