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Flagship Programmes

Business and Life Coaching
Human Resource Development  & Organisational Development Consulting
Training and Development

At EALIGER Group, we believe that business and the human in business are not separate. Coaching is not an event but continuous learning throughout life. Hence we say: “Invest in what lasts”. Coaching looks at human and business demands, visible self, invisible self, and at the world's supply. Every human being and/or business struggles with fitness and flexibility. Hence our methodology which we call EALIGER includes engagement, alignment, learning together, innovating solutions, growing together, empowering self and others, and reaping a legacy. We provide coaching to individuals, to professionals and to leaders. We do this in an individual or group format; at a personal or organizational level. See our course outline for further details

Our consultants use their specialised skills and knowledge in crafting Human Resources Development strategies and Organisational Development processes. The objective is to create an enabling environment that provides a competent, performing and growing workforce that contributes to organizational growth and sustainability.

We believe that if you are going to invest time in training, you need to make sure that the journey you are embarking on is worth it and matters. We have four pillars in the space of training. However, as mentioned previously, we also offer tailored programs, including operational excellence programs. Our programs range in these 4 pillars: - Personal Mastery includes: self-knowledge and decision making, self-anchoring, self-leadership, developing a fruitful mindset and growing into possibility. - Professional Enrichment: The available courses are: Career development, Career management and personal branding, Career management and wellness, Coaching and mentoring, Diversity and change. - Leadership intelligence: The available courses are: Service leadership, Team leadership, Adaptive leadership, Leading with the masses, and Leader reflection. - Business Savvy: The available courses are: Business fundamentals, Leading fruitful conversations, the SCORE program, which focuses on productivity and workplace cooperation, Cultured brands, and Next leadership. See our course outline for further details

Individual and Group Counselling
Wellness Workshops
Psychometric Assessments

We provide clients with a transformational experience in which they are permitted to feel and think freely in a safe non-judgmental space. In this space, they are encouraged to reflect on their thoughts and feelings to gain insight through which behavioural change is planted and self-growth is watered. We offer individual and group counselling. Our counselling interventions include screening, assessment, psycho-education, training and referral. We use an eclectic model in our counselling process and take a biopsychosocial-spiritual approach to wellness.

Wellness is a state of well-being in which individuals have the internal capacity and external resources to deal with challenges in the workplace and in their daily lives. We view challenges as opportunities for growth. In our Wellness Programmes, we equip our clients with the necessary knowledge and skills to deal with challenges regarding their psychological, emotional, and occupational wellness. We offer pre-developed programmes or work alongside our clients to develop wellness programmes tailored to their organization or community.

Psychometric Assessments follow a process in which psychological tests are used to gather a wide range of integrated information from multiple sources. This information is evaluated to guide change. We conduct psychometric assessments such as, but not limited to, career guidance, personnel selection (job-fit selection), school readiness, and subject-choice selection.

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