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We’d like to introduce you to who we are 

EALIGER Group is a Cape Town-based company, focusing on Transformation and Productivity. We adopt an asset-based approach, believing that our clients have the innate capabilities to achieve their goals. Our role is to partner with our clients on their journey of development and transformation through consultation, coaching, counselling, and training interventions. We develop strategies of engagement which bring untapped potential to the fore, thus increasing productivity. Our approach is to work from the inside-out to bring about evident change, such as personal growth, workforce co-operation, and organisational or community competitiveness and sustainability.




Leadership – For leaders who embrace holistic leadership and want to lead with the masses.

“Great leaders lead from an abundance mindset” – Phumeza Patra

Individuals – For individuals who embrace their uniqueness and desire to discover and optimize their potential.

“You are a competitive advantage, your purpose is your niche. Only the true you can make a difference” – Phumeza Patra


Organisations – For Organisations who center their current and future success on their people as the competitive and sustainability advantage.

“Selfish leaders get what they want but can never get what they need from those they lead. Governance is the bond that links people’s loyalty to the intentions of the organisation”- Phumeza Patra


Communities - For communities of practice that embrace humanity as powerhouses that bring sanity to the world.

“The best legacy is the one left in the hearts of people long after you leave the Earth, for as their hearts beat so does your memory live on” – Phumeza Patra

Target Group

To equip a generation of responsible citizens and accountable leaders who thrive internally and externally, evidenced by fruitful individuals and prospering communities.

Our Vision

To be the organisation that adds value to individuals and communities through

Engagement, Alignment, Learning, Innovation, Growth, Empowerment and Reaping a Legacy

Our Mission

Our Values

Responsibility | Authenticity | Results | Excellence

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