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Value outweighs Recognition

I have experienced in my lifetime that value and recognition are two different things. People will recognize you for what you have done, but that does not mean all of them value you. Recognition is important and needed because it is a way of showing appreciation. However, it should not be a qualifier to one’s validity. I am sure we have seen this in our relationships: families, work, and even those more intimate. Recognition is like a wedding day but being valued is like a marriage, and a very obvious difference in these is the treatment. What I am trying to express is that most of the times, recognition does not change our reality but being valued fuels the need to rise up.


Recognition changes all the time depending on what is best at the time, but value is consistent and timeless. Dr Myles Munroe says the enemy of ‘sustainable’ success is the previous success. I fully agree with him when it comes to those who become complacent because they feel they are the best thing thus far. However, a dynamic I want to bring is also the one of sacrifice to please. People bend their backs and even stab others’ backs fighting for recognition in exchange of the value they will never get, while what they really need is being valued.


One of the jokes I heard relating to Valentine’s Day was: if you have no loved one to buy you flowers and chocolates, go buy them for yourself. See, we tend to wait on other people to give us recognition for our efforts, and to value us as persons of significance, when the reality is, a happy life is through being content and having a peace of mind within yourself. You can never be disappointed if you did not expect something you were not promised. This is why I like this scripture that says, ‘Do everything as unto God’. People who realise this concept do not do things as unto man nor for man. They really understand where their value and recognition lie, and are not moved by moods and expectations of others.


Few tips in a nutshell I can share on how to create your own value to contentment and peace of mind: 

1)     Get your identity - your mentality defines your identity

2)     Know your worth - you can only thrive when you know it because then you will seek a ‘relevant’ stage to display it 

3)     Flow all directions from within - authenticity grounds your motivation and courage  

4)     Operate on grace - stop being entitled, learn a little bit of sharing and fair playing field


When we get to know these nuggets of life, everyone’s environment transforms for better. To connect further with us, connect with us at or 


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